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3 Important Reasons To Choose Providence Dental

pediatric dentist Las Vegas

An Educated Pediatric Dentist

Like other dental specialists (endodontists and prosthodontists, for example), dentist Do has advanced dental training. After four years of rigorous dental school, pediatric dentists undergo an additional two years of pediatric dental schooling.

That’s one of the reasons dentist Do is the most qualified to provide dental care for your child. Pediatric dentists also pursue continuing education to stay abreast of best practices and ongoing advancements.

An Experienced Pediatric Dentist

Our team of pediatric dental professionals have been providing care since 2016. Patients and parents recognize the ease and skill dentist Do demonstrates. Experience takes out the guesswork. It also helps dentist Do put youngsters at ease.

An Affordable Pediatric Dental Practice

If you are lucky enough to have dental insurance, talk to us about which plans we accept.

If you don’t have dental insurance, remember that quality dental care is an investment in your child’s health. Its value cannot be overstated. We provide affordable care for Las Vegas children. Give us a chance to prove our value. Don’t neglect your youngster’s dental health because of finances. Let’s discuss financing options.

Education, experience, and affordability. These are three crucial reasons to choose Providence Dental.

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7181 N Hualapai Way Ste 105
Las Vegas, Nevada

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