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Water Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay

Water Fluoridation In Nevada Prevents Tooth Decay

Hello! Welcome to our dentistry blog. Today’s critical message from Providence Dental concerns fluoride and children’s dental health. I’m Steven Do and I have been practicing dentistry in Las Vegas since 2016.

When I examine a new patient for the first time, I can usually tell whether the person drank fluoride-adjusted municipal water while growing up. Generally, their teeth are healthier than people who had lower fluoride levels in their tap water.

Ideally, adequate fluoride intake combined with proper oral hygiene, good nutrition, and regular dental visits keep teeth healthy and protects teeth from cavities.

However, this mighty element also helps teeth remineralize if acids have already compromised the vital enamel. For decay prevention and teeth strengthening, sufficient fluoride is indispensable.

If you have children and your Nevada municipal water supply does not have the recommended level of fluoride, you may want to consider giving your kids a fluoride supplement. The fluoride will strengthen the primary teeth that have already erupted and also the adult teeth that are forming.

The American Dental Association supports water fluoridation:

‘More than 65 years ago, on January 25, 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the world’s first city to adjust the level of fluoride in its water supply. Since that time, fluoridation has dramatically improved the oral health of tens of millions of Americans. Community water fluoridation is the single most effective public health measure to prevent tooth decay.’

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