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pediatric dental Las Vegas

We Love Children!

Our goal is to create a pleasant overall dental experience for our patients. We want to make sure they look forward to visits and never develop a fear of the dentist.

From Infancy Through Adolescence

We serve toddlers, young children, and teenagers. We focus on preventative dentistry and helping families establish healthy dental habits for life.

A Member of Your Child’s Healthcare Team

A pediatric dentist is an indispensable member of your family’s healthcare team. Regular dental visits starting no later than 12 months of age is just as critical as well-child check-ups with your pediatrician.

Proactive Preventative Dentistry

We are dedicated to early detection and treatment of dental diseases. Plus we stay abreast of the latest in pediatric dentistry.

Because most children and adolescents have at least a few fillings, it may seem that tooth decay is an unavoidable part of childhood. The truth is that during childhood (or any stage of life) tooth decay is 100% preventable.

There is much you can do to keep your child’s primary teeth and adult teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Setting a Good Example

When it comes to practicing careful dental health habits, we can all set a good example for our children and teenagers.

A Lifestyle For A Healthy Smile

Do they see us brush and floss carefully? Do they find water bottles in our car cup holders or empty soda cans? Do they see us limit sugary snacks? Do we schedule twice-yearly dental visits and cleanings for ourselves and our kids?

It’s Never Too Late To Improve

If you have teens with a lot of cavities, don’t give up. It’s never too late to improve oral health.

Adults’ and Children’s Dentistry

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