Between-Meal Cleaning

At Providence Dental in North Las Vegas, we constantly advise our patients to brush and floss, brush and floss, brush and floss. It is the best thing you can do to maintain your dental health.

Most of our patients, we’re pleased to say, take that advice to heart. But what happens in the middle of the day? You’re out and about, but your usual stuff – that favorite brush, the container of dental floss – is at home in the bathroom.

What’s the best way to keep your teeth clean during the day?

One of the best things you can do is rinse your mouth with water after you eat. That will give your whole mouth a quick cleansing.

An excellent trick is what we call dry brushing. That means brushing your teeth without toothbrush. Yes, it sounds a little strange – but it’s effective, and we know some dentists who do it themselves. It isn’t quite the same as how you would brush at home, but it’s going to clean the surfaces of your teeth – and that’s half the battle.

The other half of the battle is the stuff that gets between your teeth. A good solution here is using floss picks. They fit easily into a purse, pocket, or backpack. Floss picks are no substitute for regular dental floss, but because they have a convenient handle, you can do it one-handed and without the aid of a mirror. (Just be sure you use regular floss later on, before bed.)

Another effective trick is chewing sugarless gum. It only takes about five minutes of chewing to get the benefits. The gum will remove a lot of the surface debris from your teeth. It also gets your saliva going, which in turn promotes re-mineralization. That’s the process of replacing minerals in your teeth.

Another good idea is to eat healthy snacks. Raw vegetables and nuts are always a better choice than a cookie or candy bar, or some other sugary treat. Not only that, these rough-textured foods help to scrub your teeth as you chew.

And that’s just about all there is to it. Remember, though, that these are just between-meal cleanings. You’ll still want to brush twice a day and use regular dental floss at least once.

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