5 Critical Oral Cancer Facts

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At Providence Dental we urge people to come in twice a year for a dental checkup and cleaning. These are an important part of your dental health. You’ll receive a thorough cleaning and exam, including a screening for oral cancer.

In the last few decades, lung and breast cancer have attracted a lot of attention. There is relatively less awareness of oral cancer even though it claims almost 10,000 lives every year in the United States. If you smoke or have acquired HPV, you have a higher risk for developing oral cancer.

At Providence Dental, we work to increase awareness of oral cancer and the significance of early diagnosis. Here are five essential things to know about oral (mouth) and oropharyngeal (back of mouth and throat) cancers.

  1. About 80% of people with oral cancer use some type of tobacco (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes).
  2. 40% of individuals who receive late-stage diagnosis of oral cancer die within five years. The survival rate for early stage diagnosis is 90%.
  3. In many cases, it is extremely challenging for the individual to detect oral and oropharyngeal cancers because they can produce inconspicuous symptoms or no symptoms at all. Any abnormality in the mouth or throat, even if small and painless, should be analyzed by a dentist or doctor.
  4. HPV (the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in the US) is the most common cause of oropharyngeal cancer. Of the various strains of HPV, HPV16 is the one most frequently linked to oropharyngeal cancer.
  5. African American men have a higher risk of dying from oral cancer than do whites.

At Providence Dental in Las Vegas, oral cancer screenings are included in every checkup, to ensure your dental health and overall health. We also offer family and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next appointment with us today.

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